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Inpulse Inverter

Inpulse Inverter (10 kVA 1 Phase & 10/20/30 kVA 3 Phase)

IN PULSE is secondary back up source that can substituted conventional diesel generators. It provides hassle free operations as well as freedom from air and noise pollution.

Emerson Network Power introducs breakthrough Inverter technology "IN PULSE".
Features & Benefits :-
  • Pure sine wave output with constant voltage and frequency.
  • Run heavy duty appliances/equipments
  • Scalable run time
  • Input unity PF (kVA = kW no penalty to the customers)
  • DSP based control (Quick Power Switching)
  • Remote monitoring (HTTP, SNMP, MODBUS)
  • Selection of number of batteries (from LCD Display)
  • Support to SMF/LATB/Nicad/PLANTE battery (flexibility to support type of battery)
  • Selectable input voltage range (in view of load voltage)
  • Very high efficiency vLCD Display
  • Variants: Normal application inverter, Lift application inverter