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Liebert AF3

Liebert AF3

Highly suitable for any industrial & commercial enterprise including process, manufacturing set up, hospitals, data centres, retail outlets.

Ratings Available:-
  • 30 A
  • 60 A
  • 100 A
  • 150 A
  • 300 A

Three phase State-of-the-Art active filter, that dynamically cleans up Harmonics and improves Power Factor, for all types of electrical installations. It has dynamic control features and has no resonance effects, no reactive power circulation, no passive components

Effect of Harmonics :-
  • Overheating of Generator, motor, transformer.
  • Over voltage conditosions on supply system.
  • Increased transformer losses (need to over-size)
  • Nuisance tripping of circuit breakers
  • Improper operation of microprocessor-based equipment
  • Overheating and possible resonance with capacitors
  • Re-injection of harmonic currents into the utility network.
  • Neutral burnout.
  • Insulation breakdown.
  • Decreasing Distribution Capacity due to hot cables.