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Our Mentor

Mohammad Zakir is an epitome of leadership. He has a record of single-handedly arranging and executing various business objectives into success. He founded Altaf Batteries in 1974 with a vision to become a business with a cause rather than becoming a business looking to make some money. He worked as a senior distributor with Amco Batteries all over Rajasthan for 27yrs.

His executive skills are making the business grow exponentially. Being more of a leader than a boss and having walked down the path his employees are walking, he has a rich set of tools and guidance. He is an empath that always has his employees back. His unique approach of dealing with clients by understanding their wants and serving their needs has led him into creating a perdurable space in this highly competitive market.

Currently his focus is towards making Altaf Batteries and its sister firms (AB Power Systems & AB Suppliers) stand out for its customer service and product quality.

He says,
“Every day is a new hope to create a difference. Every day is a good day to wake up and decide ‘Let’s do something great today’ ”